Understand the structure, philosophy and basic operation of the tool and consolidate with Q&A


Enterprise Architect (EA) is a powerful modelling platform that is not only versatile, but also supports a wide range of modelling languages. The syntax and semantics of each language are different, but the basic operation of Enterprise Architect is always the same.

In this training, you will learn the basic structure and philosophy of the tool, as well as the first steps in creating models, which are identical for each modelling language.

Course structure: This basic training is offered as eLearning and can be completed, independent of time and location, in self-study via our learning platform.

The training consists of theoretical introductions and associated exercise examples to learn the basic operation of Enterprise Architect. This multimedia training also includes short video and audio sequences as well as texts to appeal to all senses and every learning type. The chapters are additionally supported by quizzes to offer the participant not only a repetition of what has been learned, but also a learning check.

If all theoretical chapters and exercises, including quizzes, have been completed, the participant will receive a certificate of participation at the end.

Q&A Online Session

This training ends with a two-hour Q&A online session to answer questions that have arisen while using the eLearning training. During this session, pre-formulated questions from the participants are looked at in more detail with an expert from our team of trainers.

Estimated learning time: 6 hours

Access to the learning platform: 1 month

Target group

This basic training is aimed at anyone who would like to gain initial experience in using Enterprise Architect.


After the course, you will know the basic structure of Enterprise Architect as well as the most important windows in the tool and be able to organize them individually. You will be able to create a file-based project and within it a model structure with packages, diagrams and model elements.

You will know the difference between model and diagram and how to create views for different user groups while reusing existing models.


The basic training covers the following topics:

  • Use workspace layout
  • Open and position windows
  • Create a project
  • Build a package structure
  • Create a diagram
  • Create model elements
    • Via the diagram toolbox
    • In the project browser (model)
  • Modify model elements
  • Delete model elements
    • Delete from diagram
    • Delete from the model
  • Reuse model elements in different diagrams
  • Create relationships between model elements in the diagram (Quicklinker)
  • Delete relationships
  • Hide relationships in a diagram
  • Recover hidden relationships
  • Rebuild a model structure


A basic understanding of (software) systems is helpful, but not a prerequisite.

All details on the technical requirements for this eLearning, such as the hardware and software needed, Enterprise Architect versions or licenses, and the Moodle learning platform are listed here.

Next dates for the Q&A Session

  • 25th of January, 2024 – 5pm-7pm (Presentation language: English)
  • 07th of March, 2024 – 5pm-7pm (Presentation language: German)
  • 18th of April, 2024 – 5pm-7pm (Presentation language: English)
  • 28th of May, 2024 – 5pm-7pm (Presentation language: German)
  • 27th of June, 2024 – 5pm-7pm (Presentation language: English)

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