How long is the duration?

Typically, on-site training appointments are available within 3-6 weeks. Online trainings have a shorter lead time.

How many people can attend the training?

In order to achieve the training objectives with the appropriate learning dose, the individual advancement of the participants and a common know-how base at the end of the training, an ideal size of 7-10 participants has been proven in the several hundreds of trainings over the last years.

In this setting, the trainer has the opportunity to respond to each individual accordingly and there is sufficient time for the participants to ask specific questions. The learning success and thus the benefit for the participants decreases with more than 10 participants. The more homogeneous the group is in its experience with modelling, the greater the learning success. However, due to our learning content and different exercise examples, we can also ideally adapt to any level and thus deal just as well with heterogeneous groups.

Which course languages are offered?

The Enterprise Architect trainings can be held in English as well as German – depending on the training content also in Czech and Slovak.

How can I order and pay?

Please request a quote by e-mail, specifying the desired training and the planned number of participants.

In the case of company-specific trainings, you are welcome to specify additional topics and suggested dates when making your request.

You will then receive an offer from us as a basis for your order. Payment is finally made by bank transfer based on our invoice. Other payment methods Credit/Debit Card etc. are possible for individuals by arrangement.

Will sales tax be charged?

If you are a company based in the EU (outside of Austria) and provide your valid VAT identification number when ordering, invoicing will be net. Without providing a VAT identification number, the sales tax applicable in your country will be charged.

How are travel expenses charged?

Travel expenses will be charged for on-site trainings. We always try to select the most cost-effective travel and accommodation.

The trainer can travel by car, by plane (economy class), by train, by local public transport or by cab.

In exceptional situations – such as overbooking due to a frequency fair – we will inform you about additional costs before the booking is made.

Travel expenses will be charged 1:1. Receipts for expenses are possible for amounts over EUR 10,-. Travel time within Europe or diets will not be charged.

Are there any general terms and conditions?

The following terms and conditions apply to our trainings.

May I record the online training?

No, the trainings may not be recorded. A recording is prohibited according to our terms and conditions.

How is confidentiality handled?

For trainings exclusively for companies, it is possible to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to share your models with the speaker as well.

Which customers have already attended a training?

We have a very wide range of customers from individual companies to global corporations in all industries (banks, insurance companies, research, development, production, public institutions, universities, from the EU Commission to national defense). Since many of our customers attach great importance to discretion, we can only offer you a small excerpt of our training customers here.

It is very likely that we have already been active in your company, either in one of your departments or at another company location. We would be all the more pleased, if we could now also get to know you.

What qualifications do the trainers have?

SparxSystems GmbH has been active in Europe since 2003 and has been conducting training courses ever since. Our instructors have many years of practice and complete more than 100 training days per year. When they are not delivering training, they are deeply involved with the latest features of Enterprise Architect, modelling languages and their application, and answering support requests.

Short profiles of our expert team can be found here.


What types of training are available?
  • eLearning: Various topics can be easily and conveniently completed in self-study via our learning platform (Moodle). All offered topics as well as further information can be found here.
  • Public Training: These 3-day trainings are offered for individuals from different companies with a fixed agenda and on different topics on an ongoing basis. Details on all Public Trainings as well as current dates can be found here.
  • Company Training: Our training contents can also be individually adapted to the needs of your company and offered exclusively for you. We recommend that you use our agenda as a basis for compiling your individual training content and let us know your additional requirements. You can find more information here.
  • Workshop: In our workshops, we support you by means of coaching to develop the appropriate modelling approach for you on previously jointly defined topics and to implement it with Enterprise Architect. You can find more details here.
Is an individual course design possible?

Of course, a combination of our training contents is also possible. You want to import data from other tools, need a review of your project, want document templates or want to develop validation rules as well as plug-ins? Then simply let us know.

We recommend that you use our agenda as a basis for compiling your individual training content and let us know your additional requirements.

Please also indicate the desired modelling language (UML, SysML, BPMN, ArchiMate, etc.) and the level of knowledge about it, the tool experience, the preferred training language (German or English) and the number of participants as well as their role in the project. Send us your request and you will be contacted by one of our consultants, who will discuss the training content with you and agree on the training duration.

Here you can find more details about the individual course design.

What services are included?

The corresponding services are listed and described in your offer. At the end of a training, participants receive a confirmation of participation.

Do participants receive training material?

Depending on the training offered, the training material is either provided before the training via our online training platform (Moodle) or they can be ordered optionally. The aim of these training documents is on the one hand to provide participants with a review and on the other hand to provide further topics and in-depth know-how.

The online training platform is also accessible to our participants for several weeks after the end of the training, so that there is sufficient time to review and practice the existing learning content.

Is there a manual?

There is the option to purchase a compendium on Enterprise Architect from SparxSystems as a reference and learning aid. The manual will be sent as a print version to the delivery address you specify. The cost is EUR 39,- including shipping.

Click here for the order.

Is there a certificate of participation at the end of the course?

Yes, participants will receive a confirmation of participation in electronic form at the end of the training.


What are the requirements for the event room for on-site training?

For training at your premises, a projector with a minimum resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels and a flipchart are required.

All participants require their own computer with an operational installation of Enterprise Architect in the agreed version.

What hardware is required?

For on-site training, all participants need their own computer to be able to work with Enterprise Architect.

For online trainings, a second screen is highly recommended for viewing the content shown by the trainer. Ideally, you will also have a webcam (our trainers are happy to see you) and a microphone (so that you can ask questions). A stable internet connection such as a broadband internet connection is also an advantage.

What software is used for online training?

Our preferred tool for online training is Zoom. By agreement, MS Teams or the software of your choice can also be used, if our trainer can be set up as a facilitator.

If we are the host, we also need the email addresses of the training participants.

Which version of Enterprise Architect is required?

Please make sure that each participant has the same version (preferably with the same build number) installed ready for use (navigation and GUI may differ for different versions and builds). The coordination, which version or which build should be used for the training, takes place with the trainer.

For public trainings, the current version or build is always used.

You do not have an Enterprise Architect license yet?

No problem, you are welcome to use the trial version of Enterprise Architect for the training. You can download the trial version here free of charge.

Please note that the trial version is only available for download for the current version or build. If needed, we can also provide a trial version of older EA versions.

Here you will find instructions on how to install two different versions of Enterprise Architect on your computer.

You already have a trial version installed, but it has expired?

We can provide you with an extension of the trial license.

You have floating licenses, but not enough?

We can provide you with temporary floating licenses for the duration of the training.